【Dining Sets】Aurora Linoleum Dining Table with 6 Oak Dining Chair

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Aurora Linoleum Dining Table + Opia Oak Dining Chair*4 +Lud Dining Chair|Squirrel Grey*2 = NT. 87,520 NT. 78,800 + Free Shipping


Aurora Linoleum Dining Table

  • This collection embodies the simplicity and versatility of Scandinavian design.
  • AURORA, with its linoleum table top that is made with 100% natural materials, it appeals to the concept of tranquility, while keeping you focused as you blaze through your work.
  • Place it wherever it works best for you – be it the living room or the study.


Opia Oak Dining Chair

  • Inspired by scandinavian styles and mid-century modern design,OPIA goes way beyond just a place to sit.
  • It spells comfort with its cushioned backrest and frame arched to give you the maximum support you need after a long tiring day.


Lud Dining Chair|Squirrel Grey

  • With its stylish and intellectual design, LUD is perfect to fit into any style of decor and will make a terrific addition to any space.
  • Highland fabric that is 100% polyester is used for the seat and back rest.
  • The legs are manufactured using solid oak, with hand-tap connection implemented.


* Fabric has been one hundred thousand tests of abrasive resistance (about three thousand times a year) and can slow down water seepage and get more time to clean.


* A free 2-month consignment stock is available.







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Highland Fabric, White Oak Fagaceae

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