Q & A

Q:What should I know before placing an order?

1. Please check the stock before you place the order. If the product is currently out of stock, we would further check the estimated lead time with you. After you confirm the condition and the estimated delivery date, we will deliver the item as soon as possible.

2. Please confirm the dimension of your chosen product before ordering. For your information, there are some technical measurement errors (+/- 2cm) for some large furniture. Please refer the detailed dimension to the actual item.

3. Before you place the order, please check the ability of space including elevators, stairs, ceiling, and hallway before move in. J & M PLUS offers standard delivery, but if there is any special inquiry, please contact us for assistance.

4. Please note that due to the lighting, different screen, and different devices etc., there might be some difference in color between the actual product and the photo on the website. Please refer the actual product as the correct one.

5. Please note that there might be some random knots on the wood products which is a natural phenomenon and uncontrollable. Please consider them before you place an order.

6. The customized order is a non-returnable and non-refundable order. Please do check the details before you place an order.

 7. Due to different area and conditions, the shipping payment will be discussed with the customer service and then paid separately.

Q:How to place an order?

Please take the online order or leave your contact information in “ Contact ” or send us a mail to service@jmplus.biz . You can also contact our customer service via Tel: 04-2260-2038. We will assist you to place the order.

Q:What are the payment options?

You can choose to pay the payment online or remit to the following account after ordering:

A/C #: 427100059278

A. Please remit the 30% the total amount as prepayment after you have placed your order within 7 days.
B. Please complete the rest of your payment 3 days before the delivery.

Q:What should I know after the order is made?

1. Please make sure your phone number and address information are correct.
If the products are sent to the wrong place due to the wrong information you offered, there will be an extra delivery fee for the second delivery. (the charge is subject to the provided address.)

2. After the order is made, we would deliver the goods upon the requested schedule. Our staff will contact you to arrange the pick-up 3 days before the delivery. Please note that the date and time could not be revised on the delivery day.
( The precise time on the delivery day may be slightly varied due to the delivery company’s schedule. The item may be delivered slightly early or delayed. Please do have a range of time flexibility on the delivery day. The driver will contact you before sending you the item. We are grateful for your understanding. )

Q:What should I notice after receiving the goods?

Please check if there is any defect within 48 hours after receiving the goods.

Q:What should I do if the good is damaged or defected?

1. If the item is damaged or defective, please contact us within 48 hours after you have received your products. (the application would not be accepted after the deadline).   Please provide the clear photos of the defect parts via e-mail to service@jmplus.biz You could also call us at TEL: 04-2260-2038 during office hours.

We will contact you about the replacement during office hours.

2. If the damage is caused by the delivery, we will be responsible for the further delivery/shipping charges for the replacement.

Q:How do I return my goods?

To view our return policy, please click here.