Lud Dining Chair|Dim Grey



Be shipped to Taiwan about 8 -12 weeks. Please contact customer service if you need to place the order.


【Series of lounge chairs or bar stools, up to six pieces (included), will be free-shipping】(Unlimited items can be matched)


Lud means: ” Loud, famous ” in ancient Highland German.


  • With its stylish and intellectual design, LUD is perfect to fit into any style of decor and will make a terrific addition to any space.
  • Highland fabric that is 100% polyester is used for the seat and back rest.
  • The legs are manufactured using solid oak, with hand-tap connection implemented.


*Fabric have been one hundred thousand test of abrasive resistance (about three thousands times a year) and can slow down water seepage and get more time to clean.



*Shipping costs for large furniture are also charged.




| Care Instructions |
  • Wipe with cleaners for fabric using clean soft cloth, keep dry and wipe away spills quickly to prevent water marks.
  • Use a hair dryer on the lowest heat setting to evenly dry the fabric and prevent moisture rings.
  • Vacuuming with an upholstery attachment between the fabric casings and cushions will help increase longevity.
  • Avoid placing fabric furniture in direct sunlight. Dark fabrics and natural fibers are most susceptible to fading.
  • An annual professional cleaning will keep the fabric furniture looking its best.


Additional information


Highland Fabric, White Oak Fagaceae

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